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It started with a tin of buttons

I grew up with my Mum and 2 grandmas always busy sewing, knitting (and baking). What was the point of buying something if you could just make it yourself? Never throw anything away as there is always some way to mend it, or use the fabric for something else. These were the attitudes I grew up with, and it couldn’t help but catch on – from as soon as I could hold a needle, I was happily stitching away being just like my Mum and Grandmas.

After studying Fashion & Textiles at uni, and some amazing adventures travelling around the world, I became even more focused on recycling, and reusing, in order not to ruin our beautiful world any further with more waste! Most of my materials I use for my creations come from charity shops, and any new fabrics bought are fairly traded or organic as much as possible.

And then buttons. I inherited my Granny’s beautifully battered button tin a long time ago, and have since developed a love for collecting buttons. I buy them in far too large a quantity from charity shops and use them to decorate everything, from eyes on an owl to actual functioning fasteners on a skirt.

All of my creations, are bright, fun and exciting and I do hope they make you smile.